The World In Motion

Migration and the challenges of the 21st century

8th - 10th July 2020

This year, the topic of the conference is “Children”. They are the CEOs, the police officers, but most importantly the politicians of tomorrow. They will represent our future society and will shape this world for generations to come. HEIMUN 2019 will focus on the global community's responsibility to support the future generations and children caught in the seemingly endless cycle of man-made and natural disasters.


This is us (from left to right): Daisy Otter, Samiyah Junker Khan, Jasmin Schoel, Annabell Chedor, Valentin Wegener, Lara Schroeter, Antonia Trager, Amelie Wittig, Jeremias Wirtz, Nick Hittel, Armin Bina, Patrik Ruhstorfer


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