The World In Motion

Migration and the challenges of the 21st century

8th - 10th July 2020

This years topic revolves around migration. Migration presents the opportunity to introduce diversity into regional, national and international communities. Migrants are prepared to fill skill gaps in the work place, reduce inequalities by connecting diverse societies, while simultaneously driving economic growth foward. They will be essential to further advance and expedite a peaceful and diverse society. We are able to achieve this by promoting integration through providing hospitality and facillitating education for migrants. The aim of our conference is to make all delegates aware of the responsibility they have towards underlining and improving the well-being and advancement of our current society and future generations to come.


This is us (from left to right): Daisy Otter, Samiyah Junker Khan, Jasmin Schoel, Annabell Chedor, Valentin Wegener, Lara Schroeter, Antonia Trager, Amelie Wittig, Jeremias Wirtz, Nick Hittel, Armin Bina, Patrik Ruhstorfer


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